Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Shared Pick-A-Path Story

Holidays are great. We all love opportunities to get away from if all for a bit of R&R.

But sometimes, disaster can occur...

Our shared Pick-a-Path story is based on the theme of The Worst Holiday Ever. Read through and make choices at the end of each page. Every member in Room 6 contributed to our story, with each person writing their own ending. Which way will you choose to go? Where will you end up?

If it all ends in disaster, you can always start again!


  1. This is angriest idea". I loved pick-a-path stories when I was a kid. Really engined this one. Great collaborative effort.

  2. My story was about a family that goes on a hoilay and the dad gets speeding ticket and gets streesed out.The kid forgets to pack warm cloths and the mum starts screaming. So they go get some warm cloths and finally makes it to the hotle.

  3. my story was about you get a shark atake

  4. Hi Room 6, Room 10 at Martinborough School in the Wairarapa loved reading your stories! Thanks for sharing with us.

  5. Hey guys, we're from Western Heights school up in Auckland. We read your pick a path today and really enjoyed it. Thanks!
    Here's some comments from the class....
    Really descriptive piece of writing, it hooked me in.
    Really dramatic endings.
    A really good twist to it.
    I liked how you could pick what the ending was, like how you could change the shirt or keep it on.
    We loved it but sometimes we got confused because there was no punctuation and we didn't know how to read it.
    It was a really interesting story.
    It felt like we were solving the mystery.

    Thanks again. Keep up the really great writing!